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Free or easy gifts for the Stepmother and Bonus mom.

Christmas can be a grueling time trying to cover all your peeps in your new blended family. It can be overwhelming. Finding that right Christmas gift for a stepmother or bonus mom can be as stressful as trying a new diet. The last thing you want to do is fail at supporting the one woman that manages to fill up her heart with love for all her children, her stepchildren, and or those that have been filling up your home through foster care.

The best gift ever given to me by my stepson was a cross that was made out of twigs. I still have it to this day. It was heartfelt and was made with love. The cost was nil but this stepmom’s heart was full.

What is a bonus mom?

A bonus mom can be a mom that is a step-parent or a mom to foster children. Biology has nothing to do with her love and devotion to help bring other children to adulthood. It can be the most thankless job in the world and should be shown great amounts of appreciation all year round.

Some stepchildren like to call their stepparent, a bonus mom. What an honor to become a bonus mom to love those that you have chosen to raise.

What should I get my stepmother or bonus mom for a Christmas gift?

If you are new to the blended family life and things are still not flowing as smoothly as you would like Christmas can be a tough time. Here are some quick ideas for Christmas Gifts that do not cost a lot of money.

  • Simple frame with a picture of you and your bonus mom.
  • Write a letter thanking her for all that she has done for you.
  • Give her a gift card to her favorite restaurant.
  • Print out a family picture and bonus mom quote printable and frame it side by side in a double frame.
  • Fill a stocking with cards she can cash in for help around the house. ( taking out the trash, mopping the floor, making her favorite dinner. )

What are some good bonus mom or stepmom quotes?

Here are my top 5 stepmom quotes.

  • Being a mom does not require DNA.
  • Thank you for loving me as your own.
  • A child cannot have too many people that love them.
  • You did not give me the gift of life. Life gave me the gift of you.
  • Bonus mom means extra arms to love me.

I have added printables with a few of these bonus mom quotes on them that you can print out and frame for FREE!

What are some easy gifts to purchase for the Step-mom or Bonus mom in my life?

If you are ready to go a little deeper with gifts check out some of my friends and their god-given talents to create beautiful works of art.

  • Jalin Jewelers for Jewelry to make that bonus mom feel special.
  • Sculptures by Cindy Burden – My friend makes beautiful sculptures that capture the heart of a woman, a mother, and a friend.
  • Rustic herbal Soaps on Facebook @rusticherbalsoaps
  • Narrow Way Farms for the granola mom who wants non-GMO pork or chicken. ( hint: add your free cards for a fresh farm-raised dinner.)

Whatever your budget, a bonus mom and or step-parent deserves a special gift from the heart. There is no other job that is so hard yet is so rewarding. It is not about the price of the gift but the heart that gives the gift.

If you are a newly blended family or just need to receive a little hope read my blog on creating a blended family that lasts.

Because he first loved me,

Belinda Phillips

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